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It’s very easy to grow a tomato plant indoors even in winter. It may seem a bit weird, but I guess it could be weirder. I could be growing watermelons in my tub.
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Grow a tomato plant indoors in winter

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  • Sarah Thompson Breeden

    I love the smell from my garden too. Winter is so bleak and muddy…I think the smell of tomato plants will be just the thing to ease the winter blues a little! Maybe I'll try a green pepper plant?!

  • Robin Noblitt

    Too cute. I get giddy for my plants too. I grow tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, edamame, spinach, lettuce, grapes, bananas, lemon, olives, tangerines, blueberries, beets, sweet potatoes, chives, cilantro, and avocados indoors year round in my apartment in a southern facing window with some extra cfl grow bulbs…. I also have a small worm farm that I harvest castings from to feed my plants. I haven't tried corn yet either. Ha Ha…. Good times….SO MUCH FUN !!!!! 🙂

  • Love Warrior

    It's a decade later and going on my second year gardening… this has been one of the best gardening gems to grow with! Thank you and I pray Father has blessed you & yours, Brother!



  • Concreteowl

    I moved to a flat in Glasgow in March. I've been eating a lot of avocados. Started piling the stones up in a pot of soil and I got a couple of plants that way.. Suddenly this one plant shoots upward. Luckerly I have some bamboo so I can lash it that. Mysteriously it's a tomato. I don't know how it got there. But Its now November and I'm pretty North. I've tomato plant flowering. So I'm protend to be an insect and trying to pollenate it with a feather. But it is a welcome and unexpected sight.

  • mike mitchell

    You can regrow a lot of food scrap. Tomato slices, celery bottoms, pineapple and carrot tops, even a potato, and all of them grow great indoors.

    Also things like lemon and citrus seeds, kiwi seeds, dragon fruit seeds, strawberry, etc… all have high rates of germination, and can make wonderful indoor/outdoor plants; kiwi are very aggressive vines and do require pollination for fruit.

  • mike mitchell

    I have african cucumbers, pineapple, dragon fruit and citrus trees in my shower. Im up north too.

    Have you tried anything else? I think im going to try green beans.

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