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John from sets up the Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden that allows you to grow 50+ plants in just 4 square feet of space. In this episode, John will share why the Garden Tower is unique and why it is the best vertical tower garden system he has found to date. The Garden Tower will allow you to have a vegetable garden where your normally couldn’t such as on a patio, balcony, deck, sidewalk or driveway. While watching this episode, you will learn: 1. How to assemble the Garden Tower 2. Where to place your Garden Tower 3. How to make a nutritious potting soil your plants will love. 4. How to fill and plant out the Garden Tower in one easy step. 5. How the Garden Tower Conserves and Recycles Water 6. How to add Red Wiggler Composting Worms to Your Garden Tower 7. If John Prefers the Garden Tower Project or the Garden Tower After watching this episode you will learn the benefits and how to set up the Garden Tower so you too can grow a vegetable garden in a limited amount of space. To learn more about the garden tower please visit Be sure to use discount code TerracottaGT25 for off your purchase of the UV stabilized TERRACOTTA color only. Coupon valid until Jan 2014. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodGrow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden??Grow 30 Plants in Less Than 2 Sq Ft with the Green Stalk Garden Vertical Tower GardenThe Vertical Composting Container Garden By Garden Tower ProjectOrganic Container Gardening — How & Why the Garden Tower 2 WorksPlanting 21 Garlic Plants in Self-Watering Container Garden

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  • Thandi Zulu 1 year ago

    Im buying one great idea?

  • Dave Dufrene 1 year ago

    Great video, but you should really lay off of the bud between scenes… lol… Reminds me of listening to Pauly Shore back in the day…?

  • Andrew Walker 1 year ago

    hi john ? hows tgis looking now seen it before just likecto see if its still growing well happy new year hope its a great gardening year.?

  • Kerri Morris 1 year ago

    What I've been looking for is some way to grow roses, etc indoors cuz of colld winter climate? Usually not that big of a problem except this is for 85 yr old who can't get up enough, nor care a great deal for the plants, etc? I am pretty good with plants but unable to to be there enough to properly care for them before they choose to hard prune or do something to kill them? Agrivated, but she won't be around much longer and yet she will outlast any plant? Any ideas for the defeated daughter??

  • fromunderkek lastname 1 year ago

    friggin vampires?

  • Victor Galvez 1 year ago

    Nice video: But avoid at all cost to use news papers. Ink have lead compounds that you dont want to eat man.?

  • TripAClaymore 1 year ago

    Won't you drown the worms if they are in that space in the center??

  • Never Feed the Roaches 1 year ago

    Did you loose any sponsors wearing that t-shirt? It's an evil company.. Thanks?

  • Never Feed the Roaches 1 year ago

    The biggest product placement advert of all time. Very slick!?

  • Daniel Murray 1 year ago

    great info, noce guy, the OTT manner and too load voice, is not the best though… tower looks great.?

  • Sam Lyons 1 year ago

    There is absolutely no reason to buy soil amendments .
    Buying these things adds to environmental breakdown( fuel for shipping, plastics, etc.)
    Use you own poop mixed with local soil and dried throw aways ( paper towels, lawn clippings, newspaper,etc. )
    I usually wear a big doggy costume so my neighbors are`nt the wiser when i`m pooping in the backyard .
    John, yer the Man !!!!?

  • David Rudnick 1 year ago
  • Mario Flores 1 year ago

    its a good idea, more natural and through this concept it's give our health free from disease.?

  • sander allan 1 year ago

    nice to know thanks for the informative idea…?

  • Sunwakka 1 year ago

    can i grow weed in this??

  • Emmit Stewart 1 year ago

    When you get right down to it , you get a fifty gallon drum with the bottom and top cut off and holes cut in the side (value $50.00), three feet of PVC pipe, also with holes drilled(value maybe $15.00), and a few feet of galvanized wire to hold it all together(value $5.00).

  • Jan Batycki 1 year ago

    it should be black! for roots!!?

  • Self Sufficient Me 1 year ago

    I'm not completely sold on this idea although it does look pretty etc you can still get great results out of a small raised garden bed or some nice containers without the cost and stuffing around. I'd be inclined to create a wall garden with a drip watering system before a barrel or vertical tower if the aim is to save space but each to their own!?

  • Smahrley Joseph 1 year ago

    that's cool?

  • Romano Barca 1 year ago

    He's a salesman for the firm that makes the thing, what a piece of shit he is.?