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Growing a Vertical Garden – Green Stalk Garden Tower Garden – AMAZING! This Vertical Tower Garden from “Green Stalk Garden” is incredible! Really easy to put together, fun to plant, easy to water, and looks very aesthetically pleasing! In this episode I also use the City of Tempe Compost Soil as the base for this new vertical tower garden. Subscribe to my channel for monthly update on the growing progress! Join My New Online Gardening School for at (Scroll to the Bottom) Learn More and/or Order Your Own Green Stalk Garden Below: 1. 2. Facebook: 3. Instagram “GreenStalkGarden” 4. Twitter @TheGreenStalk 5. On Pinterest at “GreenStalk” Visit My New GARDENING STORE Here: Let’s Garden Together Online. My New Gardening Online School is a month or a year at Check Out & ORDER Our Gardening Supplies & Tree Food HERE: Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Email me at: Check out my other YouTube channels at: Video Rating: / 5 Pre Set up for “Cage of Green” in a vertical scrog. COG in a hexigon 6 sided cage 8 feet tall. Each side is 2′ x 8′ for a total of 96 square feet of screen surface. Girls are in 5 gal BB/drips running Botanicare Pure Blend Pro line with liquid Karma, Hydroplex, Aqua Shield and Cal-Mag plus. THis is just a set up. The rest of the girls will be added tonight. I cracked the glass on a dual cool tube so amwaiting on the replacement. I’ll dedicate 440 cfm fan via a closed cooling/venting system for the cool tube. A single 1000 watter with a single 600 watter should be […]

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  • 24upickles 4 years ago

    where is your mask ?We are urges to wear a mask when opening up a bag of compost, so many folk have got legionnaires disease from not wearing a mask.

  • gatblau1 4 years ago

    Regarding the dinosaur kale, do you have any problems with cabbage white butterflies and cabbage loopers? I can't seem to get my kale beyond about a foot tall before they are ravaged by the cabbage loopers.

  • Jag Report 4 years ago

    You have an update on this? I built my own using plastic planters and I found out that plants don't do well as roots get too hot during summer. The temperature underground for roots is much cooler.

  • Rafaqat Rafaqat 4 years ago

    how much dollers i am in saudia arabia

  • Kenan Canales 4 years ago

    Any updates on how this worked?

  • Jim Barclay 4 years ago

    wow nice setup…to bad the price is crack price. Id say way over priced but that still would not cover it…lol

  • taburnok dimawari 4 years ago

    Yeah! Rock'n Roll. . .

  • DeistReality 4 years ago

    Great video!! I love how you care about Nature!

  • B Hath 4 years ago

    thankyou for this, i was thinking hemp made containers are most likely one of the best for no harmful plastic absorption

  • Ryan Gunnip 4 years ago

    Have you ever tried hydroponics? It seems like the way to go up here in southwest Washington state.

  • Jaber Ali 4 years ago

    nice joob

  • soulmoon clhoe 4 years ago

    it looks so cool.
    I wonder if it's possible in my apt. where natural light is limited.

  • Brian Hackett 4 years ago

    In the winter months our sun comes pretty low on the horizon from the south, how do you compensate for that when planting and placing the planter?

  • mitziesmom 4 years ago

    You're awesome, thank you!

  • Java Chip 4 years ago

    i was wondering how your plants are doing? is it worth buying

  • Robert Huffman 4 years ago


  • Tonya King 4 years ago

    I love all the information you shared plus your voice is very calming I boyfriend is really into gardening and I will be gettin him a couple of these for gifts. also I will be subscribing to your videos thanks a bunch 4sharing

  • James Trapman 4 years ago

    That's a nice system

  • SantaAnaRoadWildman 4 years ago

    Nice product! I get what you say about them growing in SOIL vs potting mix. Those deep pockets look good for the root systems. I always try and buy U.S. made products when I can. I'd probably turn it 150 degrees every so often. Keep us updated if u haven't!

  • Guy Allan 4 years ago

    Just wondering if your going to do a progress video?

  • BaJIaCa 4 years ago


  • dkev O' Sullivan 4 years ago


  • Don007206 4 years ago

    How long did you veg and what did you yield

  • L4SV3GAS 4 years ago

    @Hungry4Herb …NO!!!!! I had a hard time with the heat. I used 6" tubes when I would have done better to use 8" tubes. I could have at least doubled the CFM and I think I never realized that with a "CLOSED" cooling system you need to move air the entire length of the system. This means a great deal more displacement from intake to exhaust. So …. the short answer is HELL NO! it wont flow.
    I had to disassemble the cage to finish out the grow. Bigger Air on the next COG.

  • Hungry4Herb 4 years ago

    440 cfm would be enough?

  • L4SV3GAS 4 years ago

    … veg time on the screen. The cool tube messed up the whole schedule. I cracked the first one and had to order a second. I will be using a dual cool tube w/ 1 x 1000 watt and 1 x 600 watt HPS. A closed dedicated 440 cfm sysytem for the cool tube.

  • L4SV3GAS 4 years ago

    @djoctopus70 … mostly with light blinders or shields. You don't see them because I'm waiting for the CoolTube so I can control the heat. The Mylar shields will be placed on the exterior of the cage and will block out all the light from or prevent the cage from leaking light.ACCEPT for the thin slits I give it. The plants will have to grow towards the slits of light. I will move the blinds/Shields allowing more vertical footprint. The rest of the girls are smaller/younger and will see more veg.

  • djoctopus70 4 years ago

    Part of scrog is manipulating the nodes and directing their growth to fully fill up a screen. how do intend on doing that on this set-up? looks like you could from outside the cage for a little bit, but what about when they get big? are you going to have more than 1 vertical light? looks interesting hope you do good!