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Short film about the benefits of green roofs, filmed on Fargate in Sheffield. Video Rating: / 5 Biosolar roofs bring all the benefits of green roofs and solar power to play in a synergy of technologies. Green roofs are good tools for achieving storm-water management; longer life for roof membrane; lower energy costs; mitigation of the urban heat island effect; habitat for urban wildlife; amenity value, aesthetics & marketing. Any given green roof delivers multiple benefits, primary drivers tend to be economic, insulation or more significantly reduction of heat flows into buildings during hot weather reduces energy cost. Now more than ever energy efficiency will see significant increased GLOBAL demand for green roofs. You need a skilled workforce to supply demand & this project aim is to achieve this. The project will in 2015 deliver green roof courses and seminars on Biosolar Roofs in France, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, UK, Austria and Sweden. Read more at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOptigrShipping container house – Green roofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Prairie Green RoofGreen RoofEnergized Environment – Solar Garden Roof – Green Roof Technology

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  • Luis Calafate 8 months ago

    Dear Sirs, Could you send me more information about your green roof ideas? I am trying to develop a green roof at the University of Porto (Portugal). Luis Calafate

  • NOS Huffer 8 months ago

    everything about you reminds me of Gordon Ramsey

  • Dusty Gedge 8 months ago

    Cheers +Sofie Løve Forsberg – I am very happy to be associated with this project. 
    Excellent video by Jonatan