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Appstore: Google Play: Amazon: See more children’s apps: ==== Meet Connie the Compost and her friends the Micro organisms. They live under the trees in your Gro Garden, right next to the animals, and they love old food scraps! When you feed Connie and her friends, magic things start to happen. They start producing nutritious soil that makes your crops grow faster and taste better. So after harvesting your tasty vegetables you can treat Banja the rabbit and all the other animals in the cottage.  Along the way your Item Collection will also grow with cool items, good food, and badges to reward your progress. Gro Garden is the fun place to learn about organic gardening and sustainable farming. Kids get to learn and understand environmental issues in a simple and entertaining way. FEATURES: • Rich edutainment game with hundreds of possibilities • Kid-friendly interface • Handcrafted scenography • No third-party advertising • Diverse group of fun characters • No in-app purchases •”Learn-as-you-play” game. No written instructions • Tips and tricks Related PostsOrganic Gardening Kids In the Garden 2013Kids Learn Gardening with Baby Panda’s Flower Garden – Baby Bus Games For Children and BabiesOrganic gardening with kidsOrganic Gardening for Kids, Teachers, Homeless Shelters.Discover Vertical Gardening Made Easy For Beginners DIYPlay Garden Kids, Fun Kindergarten Learning Animation Videos, Children Learn Manners

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