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  • MRZSHADOW 1 year ago

    kitty kitty kitty. ??

  • Dr_McStabStab Games 1 year ago

    Get of that XBone!!! Hahahaha

    Yes, I'm just kidding around. People don't need to get all fanboy on me. I will say though. Anything used besides the basic controllers and such is a cheat. You can't claim to be all professional and so much better than those people in the public rooms when you have a controller that allows you to hit multiple buttons at once without taking your thumbs off the sticks. When the rest of us do. It's a crutch…..just like juggernaut and Stopping Power used to be considered.?

  • YoungStyles A4 1 year ago

    I hate the feeling of some controllers?

  • Jordan Pardue 1 year ago

    She trough her cat?

  • BuRn Desire 1 year ago

    your like 30 and u look lick a soccor mom?

  • Adam Abdulle 1 year ago

    do you know she threw her cat?

  • Julesnamanda 1 year ago

    This is AWESOME?

  • - Xenophiliuss 1 year ago

    great video, ashley. :D?

  • Dawie van Vuuren 1 year ago

    Where are the details of the specifics you use. Stick lengths etc. I NEEEEED to know?

  • Dawie van Vuuren 1 year ago

    I hold mine exactly the same way?

  • KILL3R BANANA 1 1 year ago

    (throws cat)?

  • Spetsnaz Kitten 1 year ago

    god shes hot?

  • Grub AU 1 year ago

    favourite bit is when u throw the cat?

  • Rally Monster 1 year ago

    God she is ugly.?

  • Wesley Morris 1 year ago

    Faze up?

  • A real Black person 1 year ago

    Well I'm stupid. A guy commented that curved wall would annoy him so I spent the whole video trying to find a curve in the wall behind her.?

  • Mighty Mick 1 year ago

    What are rumbles and what dos they do?

  • U A HATER 52 1 year ago

    She really said bros and hoes. Wow.?

  • filipe santos 1 year ago

    i thought she was fat, but then i saw the cat xD?

  • Anthony Garcia 1 year ago

    how do you get a custom scuf with the optic logos or any team logos please help??

  • B3DA Spectre 1 year ago

    I did mine with berries because I was out of bananas?

  • rafael ledezma 1 year ago

    Just tried it. It kinda tastes like almost nothing, you can taste the peanut butter just a little bit.?

  • rafael ledezma 1 year ago

    I'm about to try out the smoothie right now.
    I'll let you guys know how it goes!?

  • NoobsAreCows 1 year ago

    Can i drink this as a snack??

  • D17BR1G 1 year ago

    Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the smoothie ideas they been helping me with my blood sugar a lot just wanted to say thanks #greenwall ?

  • am done 1 year ago

    When u say monkeys pill it the other way, do u mean black people or actual monkeys
    Cause am black and do it the opposite way?

  • Tayaab Hassan 1 year ago

    Ahahahahahaha! 😉 Part when blender is blending the fruit. ?

  • Yo King 1 year ago


  • Andrew Morgan 1 year ago

    made this today, awesome?

  • momentumgamingSPRZ 1 year ago

    "Eat clean" facepalm

    Soo uhh, what are the macros on this shake, bro?

  • Calum Johnson 1 year ago

    You should make your own optic smoothie package that has all the ingredients and recipes in it and sell it so people have right there. Business opportunity :)?

  • James Cooper 1 year ago

    Ayyyyy money boze?

  • GetGoodGamers 1 year ago

    carbs for days?

  • Adam Mills 1 year ago

    These smoothies look so good you should do more of these on the munchie Monday series!?

  • toiletwifi 1 year ago

    Howmany calories ans carbs and protein in this??

  • rain 1 year ago

    at the last blend we could hear him, he was faking it :3?

  • Sukhjot Jatt 1 year ago

    Thanks man.I like it when u dont swear so my mom could make it cuz im lazy lol! Also thanks super tasty?

  • eSports Kaze 1 year ago

    Aye go check out my gaming channel you will enjoy it.Subscribe if you like it!!!?

  • Itz_Joee 1 year ago

    How much to buy all stuff to make ?

  • Goin Cakeless 1 year ago

    Lol dat some bullshit he wasn't talking xD?