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The plan to build a five thousand mile band of trees across the Africa begins in Senegal, where trees are already being planted. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreenwall ProductionsGreenwall ProductionsGreenwall ProductionsHow to Install a Holman Vertical GreenWallBEST Plants for Vertical Garden/ Greenwall/ Vertical GreeneryVicinity Greenwall – A Modular Vertical Garden

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  • Marlene Ansley 4 years ago

    I hope it will become a success. It breaks my heart when I see starving people. Green areas could help stop starvation!

  • John Doe 4 years ago

    Good idea.

  • Dianne Robinson 4 years ago

    permaculture, atmosphere water generators, condensation collection tarps, plastic bottle houses, solar power, are some of the very doable technologies, that could transform the desert into a gigantic oasis. Good luck with this. The whole world is cheering for you.

  • Alexander Nijman 4 years ago

    Great! Finely people start to think more in an ecological way! Its the only solution to improve the live there of the people!

  • GazelleofIsrael 4 years ago

    Great idea…Masanobu Fukuoka promoted this over 3 decades ago but he said that the Somolian government wouldn't allow him to sow various seeds in the area because they wanted to promote cash crops instead of helping the villagers fight back desertification.

  • DC9848 4 years ago

    EU can train them as solar installers and bring the machinery as well as the UN security to keep it secure

  • Innovateboyz 4 years ago

    This is a positive project but I dont like the idea of this coming from the world bank or any other NGO. I believe this type of organisations are almost as harmful as drought and famine in the long term. A good start should be to inform and teach your close family of the importance of trees, thats what I have been doing and it should be a issue that concern us all who lives in this continent. 

  • Maurice Upton 4 years ago

    #African #politicians and #government officals are not known for their altruism, honesty and helping others except themselves, They can bearly take care of their own people let alone plant trees so i can't see it happening in reality it's a bit of a pipe dream. It costs money to buy trees and these poor people just do not have money.

  • Sheldon Gregward 4 years ago

    Again, African people are their one curse.

  • Ambasdr Mahmood Hassouna 4 years ago
  • anouar hakim 4 years ago

    dream on nigglets.

  • zat mildrak 4 years ago

    this is the best news iv herd for a long time

  • Caelistas 4 years ago


  • Evil Bastard 4 years ago

    The Americans with their political influence, "aid," and trade sanctions, and the rebels, thieves, and gangs will make sure this is torn down before anyone profits from it. We just can't have this shit. It might cut into some billionaire's profits somewhere.