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VLOG #17 : ►Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: Teammate’s Channels – Scump- Pamaj – Flamesword – Boze – Maniac – Crimsix – BigTymer: HITCH: ►►►►►Check out our sponsors ◄◄◄◄◄ “optic” for 5% off your SCUF purchase: Looters! use code “optic” for 10% off: Shop Gymshark here: and use “OPTIC” for 10% discount ******** MUSIC ******* L’Indécis – Staying There RJD2 – Album “Dead Ringer” Song: “Ghostwriter”… Related PostsCHAMPIONS #GREENWALLWILL THE GREENWALL WIN AGAIN?THE GREEN WALL WILL NEVER FALLA HALO CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE GREENWALL!?THE POWER OF THE GREENWALLGREEN WALL TOO STRONG!

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  • Nikko Spar 3 months ago

    4:52 was the chest tap to tell you to fist bump him back???

  • arran kambo 3 months ago


  • Edward Munoz 3 months ago

    That needs to be a picture on your wall. Your daughter and the trophy priceless.

  • Zack Bennett 3 months ago

    Optic is fps org and content creators. Fuck rocket league. And speaking of fps fuck rainbow and overwatch. They are both terrible games

  • Brian Lemus 3 months ago

    can you give us on the next vlog an update on optic nation please

  • Zack Bennett 3 months ago

    Did you ever finish snakebites pc cover?!? I wanna see the final product

  • Sam McGehee 3 months ago

    Talking about trying to get HS for the cs go team

  • Aldo Garcia 3 months ago



  • Steven Moeller 3 months ago

    I am SOOOO stoked about this new CS roster. hopefully they can end up with HS and hopefully NAF can find his footing and team but the future is bright!

  • Button Pusher 3 months ago

    What ever happened to the rap Hecz did in the studio a while go in the vlof

  • FPS Abstract 3 months ago

    So at my school met a guy at camp who happened to wear an OG shirt the other day and we talked about esports literally for like 3 hours during camp. I'm honestly so happy to know that OG is growing even more publicly and its showing more and more everyday. I plan on buying OG jerseys next time I get paid

  • Slayer Plays 3 months ago

    I need a gaming name , any suggestions? Please help and please don't say 'Slayer' , I was legit 9 when I created this google account , please don't judge

  • Editication 3 months ago

    Everyone needs to step their blogging game up like Hecz

  • ThePyroMark 3 months ago

    "I'm on a diet let me workout and commit to that" goes to burger king….

  • sdiona 3 months ago

    Can't wait to meet you guys one day

  • CIARAN CAMPBELL 3 months ago

    I miss when all the cod players were in the scuf house

  • Dragoon Gaming 3 months ago

    Still waiting on a League Of Legends Team..

  • francisco sierra 3 months ago

    You try so hard to make it cool with those transitions but their just so cringe

  • Rene Recinos 3 months ago

    Where's pamaj

  • Bryan Chali 3 months ago

    Get a team for Dota that's where the money is at