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Hopefully everyone enjoys this look back on the history of OpTic! This was not intended to be as in-depth as my previous “documentaries” but rather followed the same format as the videos I did on the history of Complexity and Impact. Next up we will be doing a documentary on Pamaj that follows my traditional style, similar to the Jev movie! Special Thanks to Luke T Concepts for making the thumbnail! Luke T Concepts YouTube – Twitter – CarbonMade – TWITTER: Please like and subscribe! Team Channel (Disarm ESports): Background Music by: TeknoAxe ( Related PostsGreenwall ChannelGreenwall ChannelGreenwall ChannelGreenwall ChannelGreenwall ChannelGreenwall Channel

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  • fifa4dummies 1 year ago
  • Puffy OG 1 year ago

    This should be more focused on the sniping side of Optic that's what gave them there fame og optic fans know that….?

  • Kenji Lee 1 year ago

    young attach looking fresh af?

  • Deluxe Mindless 1 year ago

    proofy the movie next?

  • PaddyJCampbell 1 year ago

    Rambo wasn't dropped because of connection issues, it was because of strict gambling laws in Canada.?

  • pietro scibelli 1 year ago

    Who's the leader now?

  • Watchmefly 1 year ago

    6:15 commentating????

  • darkheart1721 1 year ago

    What line of bullshit is this: 16:1116:20 ??

  • lithium2000 1 year ago

    What I noticed from this is Crim Is probably the best cod player overall now and for the past few years?

  • AJ Sweeney 1 year ago

    9:36 look at the scrawny shit on the right in the harvard t-shirt trying to rub it in after the win.?

  • Lgcy Dusty 1 year ago

    Lol what did he just say at 9:04?? lol?

  • Raid Micro 1 year ago

    like if you think this would be a good optic team

    4ali a?

  • Ben Clegg 1 year ago

    Holy fuck, I forgot how big mboze was?

  • Toss Nades 1 year ago

    this guy makes really good documentrys makes me really miss the old mw2 mw3 bo1 days the best days ever sucks how life keeps going on and these willbe moments in gaming historys for other mlg generations ilove it but makes me sad to c the green wall breakdown nd some LEGENDARY PLAYERS RETIRE :'( :'( :'(?

  • xBrNz 1 year ago

    Anyone else remember OpTic being known for Reg Scoping on COD4 in the old, old days??

  • Michael Dumont 1 year ago

    man I love your videos keep up the good work?

  • Tower _94 1 year ago

    Wow great work…!!!?

  • GIRLonMW2 1 year ago

    So much more passionate for the game than Faze is. Faze has strayed too much away with their game.?

  • Mr. Troll 1 year ago

    I don't get why Karma has to be in every good team: First Impact, second complexity/eg, and now Optic.?

  • Jchammond03 1 year ago

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    One subscriber=One smile on my face :)?