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This seems to be an amazing vertical planter because it has a built-in watering mechanism. LOVE IT! Want one? Here’s the link- **MADE IN the USA!** #mygreenstalk Related PostsFlower Tower Vertical Planter | Scotts of StowGreenStalk Vertical Planter – April 2016Grow a Vertical Herb Garden in a Greenstalk PlanterGreenStalk Stackable Gardening System – 5 Tier Vertical Vegetable TowerWhat is a GreenStalk Vertical Planter?How to Plant a GreenStalk Vertical Planter | Step by Step

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  • Hometown Jersey Girl 2 years ago

    @Greenstalk Garden ~ My pleasure ;)Thanks for the genius idea!!

  • Greenstalk Garden 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Gardening!

  • Ashley Christina 2 years ago

    I'm glad you reviewed this!