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Vertical grow system. C O G – Cage Of Green 6 sided cage 8 feet tall and about 6 feet diameter. Constructed of 1/4″ steel grid wall …. I can climb it like a monkey. The 2 girls in there now are for example or trial. The clones for the cage grow will be placed on the outside of the cage. These girls are hurtin. I think nute burn but feel free to offer a diagnosis Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsGrow 30 Plants in Less Than 2 Sq Ft with the Green Stalk Garden Vertical Tower Garden#266: How to Grow a Vertical Vegetable Garden with the GreenStalk Stackable Gardening SystemVertical Gardening Tower: A Product Review – Green Stalk GardenHow to Move a Green Stalk Vertical PlanterGreen Stalk Vertical Gardening Planter ~ Easy Instant Garden for ANYONE

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  • fazer1RLG 7 months ago

    How did you make this cage?

  • Kung Fuhrer 7 months ago

    im well confused why are you caging it up like that? surely its not gna make more surface area – light ratio n also its gna make your plants to close??? 

  • LOCAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA sorry guys for patents only 7 months ago

    ur a smart dude . i never seen this 

  • Ben Turley 7 months ago

    "THE CAGE " doesn't really serve a purpose, I m sure you realized that by now.

  • Vasilios Odin 7 months ago

    how is this a vertical grow??

  • dwight m 7 months ago

    put em outside the cage…hang one light at 2.5 feet and the other at 5 feet (once they are that high)

  • L4SV3GAS 7 months ago

    @PakChild … He he he, Yea I'm confused mostly anyway. Best to be so… it's a pleasant state of mind if you don't resist it. Anyway I've actually started the grow so check out the new vids. The girls are going on the outside.

  • L4SV3GAS 7 months ago

    @selfwear … LOL I did! It's just a crappy job. It looked good when I was all high and breathing the paint fumes …. but man…. sure looks ghetto.

  • PakChild 7 months ago

    looks good man, I was confused at first cause I was just thinking why the fuck would you have them inside the cage, keep us updated

  • L4SV3GAS 7 months ago


    Yes I'll use a dual cool tube with 2 x 1000 or 600 watters. Not sure how many plants I'll go with yet.