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If you want to buy a Greenstalk Tower Garden for yourself… Here is a link to the 5 Tier system I have … you don’t need to use all 5 together… you can do 3 tier and 2 tier… what ever works for you. 🙂 Instagram – Check out my Facebook page –!/PlantznThings?fref=ts PlantzNThings What’s Growing Page Link – Check out my Blog @ Follow Me on Twitter @PlantzNThings – Video editing Software used for this video is iMovie Intro created using Related PostsPlanting Veggies and Herbs in the GreenStalk Tower GardenGreenstalk Tower Garden! Growing BeautifullyGreenstalk Garden Tower Update and What's Growing!Mittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenGreenStalk Stackable Gardening System – 5 Tier Vertical Vegetable TowerModular Hydroponic Tower Garden – Printing

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  • Houston Backyard Gardening 1 month ago

    Do you think this was worth the money?

  • Łucja Maria 1 month ago

    How full and beautiful <3 That shady pepper tho 😀

  • Beharrilal 1 month ago

    Bro we need that aloe vera update

  • Leslie Guerrero 1 month ago

    Hi Bill, how do you divide a giant bird of paradise? I hope I don't kill mine

  • Shermanium 1 month ago

    wow everything looks great that thing really holds water well!! want:) do you think one could do a load of Venus Flytraps and Sarracinia pitchers in one of those and keep them moist?

  • Kati R. 1 month ago

    Ooh, it looks fabulous Bill! I was thinking the same about that parsley, LOL! You can cook some whole potatoes (with skin on), then sautee some parsley in butter or olive oil and mix in with the potatoes you cut up after they are cooked. It's our favorite way to eat potatoes in the summer.

  • Emmit Stewart 1 month ago

    About growing mint. I've heard a tip but never tried it. Take a big tub and cut the bottom out. Bury it wherever you want your mint to grow with the rim sticking about four inches above the ground level and fill it in with good soil. The mint will grow to fill the pot, but their rhizomes will not be able to penetrate the tub walls (unless you used a cheap tub.). I've never tried this, but it sounds like it should work. Mint spreads by rhizomes that travel about an inch or two below the ground. If they tried to grow up over the rim of the pot, you could just trim them off before they reached the ground outside the tub. It would also be a good idea to deadhead the spent flowers before they can set seed.

  • gemmy seny 1 month ago

    beautiful container

  • JOEY M 1 month ago

    Great video Bill I’ve been touring around some Canadian Tires and found ALOT of amazing plants super cheap that come back each year .
    Happy Gardening

  • CC CC 1 month ago

    Where u been

  • CC CC 1 month ago