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I love my garden! All my gardening styles and methods are wonderful experiments. Which of these two methods is currently outperforming the other? Vertical Garden System: Home SUBSCRIBE! #growreallife is my hashtag to connect people interested in Growing Real Life. This is a bit of a double meaning. Growing Real means following the patterns of nature. Real Life is developed fully in our gardens and our souls when we pattern ourselves in harmony with nature. Grow with me. MY WEBSITE! FACEBOOK! TWITTER! INSTAGRAM! PATREON! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreenstalk Tower Garden! Growing BeautifullyGrow a Vertical Herb Garden in a Greenstalk PlanterGreenStalk Vertical Planter – April 2016GreenStalk Vertical Planter * Space Saver * Flower Tower * NO WEEDS!*Plastic Crate Raised Bed Tower Garden and Gardening TipsFilling Your Square Foot Raised Bed Garden with Soil from Lowes

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  • Double Dog Farm 4 months ago

    Too many variables between the systems.

    The bed will or should out produce.

    How many years before we have another pile of plastic in the landfill??

    Put the tower on a lazy susan and rotate daily

  • Mexican cartel ! 4 months ago

    That raised bed is dry as a bone you liar

  • mickjen 4 months ago

    Because that bed looks like compacted, dried out soil…

  • oakland002 4 months ago

    Did you use the same type of soils? In both tower n raise bed? Water around the same time ?

  • Patrick Meehan 4 months ago

    That's most interesting Blake. Was the soil in the Pots the same as the raised bed?

  • Petals on the Paving Slabs 4 months ago

    It's interesting to see the difference. I have a strawberry tower and haven't noticed a difference between my tower grown strawbs and the ones in my raised beds. I shall observe more closely! TFS.

  • Ann Crum's Mini Homestead News 4 months ago

    The best part about your channel is that you show the ups and downs of things you do. I wondered about the tower gardens and how they worked out. I really thought the raised bed would do better…lol. Thanks for your unintended experiment!

  • LilBit AtATime 4 months ago

    I like the towers but they are expensive. In all fairness cats can't get into the towers like they can get into a low to the ground raised bed. There's nothing like fresh soil to urinate or defecate in. I appreciate your video and the different methods you share.

  • JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) 4 months ago

    I was intrigued and surprised by your results, even with the slight soil differences. Vertical growing is such a smart way to maximize your growing space. Thanks for sharing your 'experiment' 🙂

  • BobMels Gardens 4 months ago

    Quite a difference there Blake. Best wishes Bob.

  • Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer 4 months ago

    I would tend to think the plants in the tower had their root systems develop better because of the confined space as compared to the plants in the raised beds. I have had issues like this when I have put a small plant in a big container whereas a similar plant in a smaller container with better root system responded better to being up potted. I would think the plants in the raised beds would eventually do better once established than the ones in the towers due to nutrient factors.

  • Øystein Holand 4 months ago

    Wow, I would never had though the results would be that different!
    I can see that you will never be able to grow bigger crops like chilies and tomatoes in those towers, but the looks great for smaller crops like strawberries, cale, herbs you have planted.
    And it looks like the plastic is solid in that tower, unlike some other towers I have seen! Looks like a great product 😀
    Keep up the good work, Blake!

  • Catalin Oancea 4 months ago

    Good job! Good luck Mr!

  • So-Cal Ponds, Inc. 4 months ago

    my guess is the tower garden soil is warmer since there is a smaller amount. the raised bed is a large WIDE DEEP amount of soil and therefore takes longer to warm up.

  • Michiadje Elise 4 months ago

    hum!!!; that is a very interesting update; there's indeed a big difference in growth between them

  • Rob Donaldson 4 months ago

    All of these experiments. Lets all start calling you DR. KIRBY, PH… Haha

  • Carolina Hunting 4 months ago

    you used better soil in the tower … are just pushing the tower garden for personal gain you will never grow anything substantial in the tower garden. …Tower gardens are a dumb gimmick for vegetables they are for flowers so if you are planting flowers get a tower garden vegetables get a raised bed or another proven method. …and last be honest with your viewers and stop pushing garbage products

  • Sherry Woyczik 4 months ago

    Not really a fair comparison if the soil in the bed was not the same.

  • Colton Mundorff 4 months ago

    Can do a update on the chicken and ducks goats

  • miz sterious 4 months ago

    I'm in love with that TOWER GARDEN! Really seems to grow plants quite well. Can't wait to see and keep following the TOWERS progress and produce! Thanks for the share!