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  • nina n 1 year ago

    And yes, the concentration of nutrients in the water would probably decrease as the water goes down the gutter, but it will probably contain enough nutrients for even the last lettuce in the row. They wouldn't create this system without thinking about this problem.

  • nina n 1 year ago

    The three non-mineral nutrients needed for plants are already found in air and water – oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. It's easy to make water nutrient-rich with chemicals because the 13 mineral nutrients that comes from soil dissolve in water and are absorbed by the plant's roots so it's easy for prepared nutrient water to compensate for the nutrients found in soil. That "everything else" you mentioned is not really needed.

  • BOO nigers 1 year ago

    Mary? or is it Gary?

  • ukessko 1 year ago

    excellent video thank you

  • Ced Ced 1 year ago

    thank you very much you had answer all my question
    you are very good .thank a million

  • Saeid Momtahan 1 year ago

    One more question, with the gutters being so long, will the last lettuce get all the Nutrients that it needs? It seems like the Nutrients would be less and less as the water goes down the gutter and reaches the last plants.

  • Saeid Momtahan 1 year ago

    Hi. A newbie question. Can some one please tell me how can we compensate for all the nutrients and everything else present in soil by adding a few Chemicals to water and feeding the produce on it?

    Another question i have, is it possible to grow Organic H/P, by using Organic solutions?

    One last question, in a commercial H/P setting, is it possible to mix our own Chemicals in order to cut costs down?

    Thanks for any input you might have

  • cacapoopoo2327 1 year ago

    It's nutrient film technique

  • zoealx2000 1 year ago

    Smart Farming