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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: In 2016 we featured many different varieties of greenroofs and greenwalls from across the globe, both tiny and enormous. Join us for a quick look at these interesting, important, or just fabulous projects in our Projects of the Week 2016 in Review video! To learn more about each project, visit our Projects Gallery page where you can click on each photo to go more in-depth in its Blog feature, with links to the Project Profile in the Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database Also visit our Projects page to search for examples of living architecture in your neck of the woods or anywhere on Earth ~ and please send us your own profiles to share with the world! Video Rating: / 5 Related 2017 Projects of the Week Video in ReviewThis Week in Review – 10.05.12 – Greenroofs.comThis Week in Review – 07.27.12 – Greenroofs.comThis Week in Review – 07.15.11 – Greenroofs.comThis Week in Review – 10.07.11 – Greenroofs.comThis Week in Review – 02.10.12 –

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