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Green roofs are one of many techniques being used to address runoff from roofs. Initially, the greenroof on the UWaters building in Tacoma, along the Thea Foss Waterway, was a mix of drought tolerant and aesthetic flowers and perennial plants. Over time, invasive weeds, such as grasses and clover, became dominant and maintenance costs skyrocketed. Join us in watching UWaters replace their greenroof with a densely planted of sedum tiles. Issues addressed include: retrofit lessons learned, how to get materials to the jobsite, and rooftop safety concerns. These sedums are planted to mitigate invasives, with the added benefit of providing habitat for local wildlife. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFrozen in Houston: Life Lessons LearnedDutch Bucket Hydroponic Tomatoes – Lessons Learned and a New CropSailing GreenRoofGreenRoofGreenroof – Solar energy, rainwater harvesting and grey water use in Bangalore,India 🙂Greenroof 101, Home Made Green Roof

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