Get all the details at . The green roof system reduces heating inside the home or building by up to 30-40% making it a natural air conditioner. Green roofs are found in 20% of the homes in Germany.

The award winning Wilson Natural Home above uses a green roof to both cool in the summer but also to improve insulation levels for improved warmth in the winter. The six inches of soil and several layers of membranes significantly increase the insulation levels in the roof which is a major contributer to heat loss.

The use of green roofing replaces soil that is displaced during construction. The return of native plants to the construction site returns the health of the local environment. Green roofs have been proven to significantly reduce the heating effect typical of homes, buildings, cities and towns caused by their dark roofing materials that absorb and then radiate heat into the local environment.

Greenroof 101, Home Made Green Roof

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