In-depth review of a new all-in-one hydroponic growing system.

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Greenjoy Hydroponic Indoor Grow Box Review

About The Author


  • Peter Stanley

    Thanks, Rob! I've been looking forward to this. Most of the pros and cons you identified are ones I have thought of too. Despite the reservoir being shallow, I do appreciate the larger capacity. But I think it's like you said, it's more suited for greens and herbs. I think it would be fine for starting peppers, could just put a chuck of rapid rooter/root riot plug in the net cup and let it germinate in the unit. They would just have to be transplanted out before the roots got tangled. I might try some after my initial test.

  • Nadia Diyeva

    Thanks for helpful video! I received Indoor grow box from Amazon and just installed. Next I have to use Aerogarden Seed Pod Kit.

  • Jay Savage

    Great review and what an amazing discount. I think in combination with the aerogarden you could grow peppers in one, fresh produce in the other and have some great ingredients to make hot sauce.

  • Louis Love

    Awesome video, incredibly informative and fun! Always have your bell notification on so I don't miss a video!

  • Matt Garver

    Nice review Rob! Not sure if GreenJoy refers to "happy growing" or "happy moneymaking" for the company. Although great to have options, I think AeroGarden remains my personal choice. The 564 foot candles of light that you measured is approximately 112.8 PPFD by my conversion calculations which grows spindly loose greens. One benefit of the separate seed starting tray is being able to get replacement lettuce germinated to take the place of harvested plants, which would shorten the seed to harvest cycle. Thanks for providing the information on this GreenJoy unit, and soon the length of daytime will start increasing again and thoughts of spring weather will hopefully encourage you!

  • Irish Chippy

    Hi Rob. Usually the 'A' will have mostly nitrogen. The 'B' would contain phosphorus and potassium + micro nutrients (magnesium, calcium etc). Merry Christmas to you and Kath from all of us over here

  • Tim Canepa

    Rob rocks! I don't give a flying fart about hydroponics but watched this video anyway because Rob's in it. Makes me happy.

  • Chris Chambers

    Great review, Rob. This product leaves a lot to be desired, especially from a pepper grower’s perspective. I do think this would be great for someone who has a small apartment and loves the availability of fresh herbs.

  • Bobby Parks

    Can you grow a quarter back in this ???? Because the Denver broncos need a new quarter back ?????? Please I need to know before I buy thank you

  • Big Wrath

    I enjoy the Aerogarden from Costco for growing few herbs it's very easy and anyone can use plus I use it for few seedlings at beginning of the season

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