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In this episode we discuss the Greenhouse Thermometer Donation for gardening education. Also Ronnie Payne at the small town gardener is having a seed growing… University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners complete rigorous training to provide gardening education to their communities. Last year, these volunteer… Related PostsNews & Media: Future Growing Vertical Aeroponics in GreenhousesNEW Farm-To-Table Vertical Aeroponics Greenhouse 2018, Revolutionary Growing With Art GardenGrowing Squash Vertically in the GreenhouseWInter Greenhouse – Preparing for the Winter Growing SeasonNews & Media: Future Growing Vertical Aeroponics in GreenhousesTroy and Sharon Edwards – Vertical Growing in a Greenhouse Dome

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  • Wes Yandell 5 years ago

    Gardening Beets And Education?

  • TheZonedaydreamer 5 years ago

    nice one!

  • Vegitate Gardening 5 years ago

    Thanks dave for the comment, the teachers are excited to us it.

  • dave stumpf 5 years ago

    Great Video–for the kids

  • Vegitate Gardening 5 years ago

    No problem I will try to update them you guys on my beet progress.

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable 5 years ago

    I am glad you have entered into the competition ! Keep us up to date !

  • Vegitate Gardening 5 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. You need to enter the beet competition too.