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I get asked about pollinating plants in a greenhouse all the time. So I decided to take a few minutes and explain the process. It really is quite simple. And as you’ll see, bees are not necessary for a home gardener to have success with growing in a greenhouse. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPollination for Kids | Flower Learning VideoTerrace Garden – Pollination – Better Yields || Kousalya – Motinagar – Hyderabad || RytunesthamWhy bees love Urbanscape green roofsHydro’s Green Roof Gets BeesSunlight and healthy plants attract bees to living wallsAeroponics- practical description of how to farm without use of soil

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  • Саня Богров 7 months ago

    Чем кормишь братишь)))?

  • Art Guess 7 months ago

    Thanks for the excellent information I never knew any of this.

  • Pema yeshi 7 months ago

    badest video ever seen

  • She Wolf 7 months ago

    What about Fruit?

  • Jake Madrigal 7 months ago

    Hi sir, can I use electric fan inside the greenhouse to make the tomatoes self polinate?

  • ItsAlllRight 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for the info. Very very helpful

  • Maggie Koch 7 months ago

    Just curious – do you use heirloom seeds?

  • SOUL COLLECTOR 7 months ago

    Thank you, I am moving to a house that the owners are leaving a 12×24 canopy, I am turning it into a greenhouse, and I was worried about bees, with this info you freely given has eased my nerves to go forward with the greenhouse. Thank you again from a green horn.

  • Advance Greenhouses 7 months ago

    This is a very informative video. They make a commercial pollinator that looks a whole lot like an electric toothbrush. I think the toothbrush is a much better idea, and probably less expensive. Tammy

  • Wonderful Counselor 7 months ago

    MHP gardener is my best friend and he doesn't even know me.

  • M TODD 7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing !

  • Hari - 7 months ago

    mate, your videos are excellent.i would like to donate some money.
    please provide details.

  • George Germain 7 months ago

    Nice video,Brother!God Bless.

  • damarh 7 months ago

    They Say Of The Acropolis Where The Parthenon Is…

  • EquipmentReviewer 7 months ago

    Thank you. Subscribed!

  • satya shukla 7 months ago

    All the time I was looking at those beautiful red tomatoes 🙂

  • Drm Weaver 7 months ago

    Hello, could you tell me where you purchased your buckets? Are they from a hydroponics shop or would any Black 5 Gallon Economy Plastic Pail that is FDA compliant work?  Thank you

  • flanmaryj 7 months ago

    Parthenocarpic. What I learned today! I'm a teacher! I learn something new on each video! I've decided to turn my dog's kennel into a greenhouse!

  • Krystal Wright 7 months ago

    So helpful!