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Greenbo rail & deck designed planter, provides a unique solution for growing plants / flowers in an urban environment. Greenbo’s patent design allows it to be placed over any shaped railing without the need for any adjustments • No more cheap or simple window box design. • No more scratches ,rust or damage to your railings Now you can easily decorate and brighten your railings, with Greenbo’s colorful, classic designed planter. Adjustable planter fits 2″ to 4″ rails strong durable heavy duty plastic contains UV protection for maximum protection against weather damages. No drip water recycling system, with removable draining trays. Simply place your Greenbo planter on your railing, deck or fence. State of the art, design winning unique patented assures its secure fit and stability Greenbo planter features: • Unique design allows it to sit on railings or fences (up to 9cm / 4″). • Constructed from 100% weatherproof resin plastic • Contains UV ingredient which protects against sun and weather damages, which ensures its colors last for years. • Contains a built-in draining solution – 2 removable, cleanable & replaceable trays • Weight (kg/pounds): 1.2 / 2.6 • Diameter (cm/in): 29.0 / 11.5″ • Height (cm/in): 30.0 / 12.0″ Safer than a window box – Thanks to its clever design and durable materials, the Greenbo planters is highly resistant to weather conditions, strong winds and other dangers. Greenbo can be placed on almost any railing at any floor thanks to its patent design that allows a secure placement. If in stock you are welcome to request any color combination you desire. Buy more then 1 and enjoy free combined shipping! Look us up on eBay and Amazon – WWRETAILERS Related PostsThe Window Box Guy™ – 732-895-6262, Deck Planter Boxes, Patio Planters, Railing PlantersDeck Railing Planters ~ Deck Railing […]

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  • jamxt 1 year ago

    Now those are some gorgeous blossoms. Nice and supple. Thanks for sharing.

  • joe mccain 1 year ago

    Does the girl come with the planters?

  • d3v2011 1 year ago

    she fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Frunze42 1 year ago

    What holds them on the railing?

  • autywon 1 year ago

    Those railing planters are soo cool! I want some, but they're expensive.

  • wwretailers 1 year ago

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    we ship worldwide
    thank you

  • gabriben1 1 year ago

    Greetings From iran, is so use full tanx alote