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Everyone wants to build a green wall to take their gardening to a different level. we found a system that will do that and is easy to maintain. Video Rating: / 5 Reedição do vídeo de montagem GreenWall Ceramic. Vídeo mais curto com nova narração. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY–Living Wall in Semi Hydroponic | Dripping System Green WallModular DIY Green Wall system Kit – Supragarden®Green Studios Living Wall SystemDesign ideas vertical green wall systemGreen Wall Modular System UKGreen Wall Living System Planter Step By Step Installation

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  • Constance Schilke 4 years ago

    You can use this recycled plastic bottle wall to make a garden, too, a similar way:

  • Stacey Kersting 4 years ago

    +satinhooks   We have these exact things in my area and they're made from recycled milk jugs!  I just recycled a hanging shoe-pocket gizmo that was quite ugly.  It's so gorgeous now that it's entirely covered with plants.  I am planning to buy short, maybe 5' sections of gutter from our local reuse shop and install them on my living room wall to make another green wall!

  • Thanh Hai Nguyen 4 years ago

    Is it heavy and will be heavier when absorted rain water??

  • Игорь Чуркаев 4 years ago

    как и где, приобрести такие ёмкости?

  • Mark Ostendorf 4 years ago

    I'm not sure about this exact product…but Mobilane carries neat green stuff in the UK.

  • Mark Ostendorf 4 years ago

    Very Cool!

  • satinhooks 4 years ago

    too bad they're made of plastic.

  • Jay H 4 years ago

    would insulate your home incredibly well and cut the cost of heating/cooling if you did your whole house, but then you might have issues with bugs everywhere, plus the time it would take to water, unless you did an automated system, but i don't think neighborhoods would approve of 100% walls covered in plants, which is too bad. great for ppl with limited ground space 🙂

  • Viviane Mendes 4 years ago


  • Leonardo Carvalho 4 years ago

    sem drenagem, ou seja, água demais apodrece a raiz

  • Andrew Ramos 4 years ago

    Muito bom. trabalhamos com construção civil e paisagismo. Esse vídeo nos ajuda muito. Parabéns!!

  • Lucas Adão 4 years ago

    também quero saber como funciona o sistema de drenagem da água!

  • Rodrigo Rib 4 years ago

    E o sistema de drenagem da água?

  • Ana Moreira Coelho 4 years ago


  • Canal Fechado, Novo Canal Tttornadinho™ 4 years ago

    Muito Bom mesmo

  • Celia ALS 4 years ago

    Ficou lindo!!!!,um leigo pode fazer??

  • Alexandro Andrade 4 years ago

    Gostei muito