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RR Landscape Solutions Ltd presents the new modular living wall system. Suitable for creating indoor and outdoor green walls. 1 sq. Meter contains 8 modules, screws, wall plugs, drip irrigation pipe, elbow, T-fittings and 2 galvanized metal rails used for support of modules on the wall. We distribute across UK and provide installation and planting. For more info: Green Wall Benefits Green Walls combine great design with a number of ecological and performance benefits: Improves aesthetics A well designed and maintained Green Wall can significantly enhance a building’s appearance – whether it’s to add a new aesthetic dimension, disguise a car park, refresh a tired wall or add color and texture to a complete wall or section. Regulate temperature and reduce carbon footprint A green wall used on appropriate elevations can reduce energy costs by both providing an additional layer of insulation in the winter (keeping heat in) and acting as a screen to the sun in the summer (keeping the building cool). Protection Green wall systems can help to protect a building’s wall and extend its life, acting as an effective shield to heavy rain and hail and helping to protect from the damaging effects of UV light. Provide wildlife habitats With a strong base from the trellis and appropriate planting, a green wall can provide an ideal habitat for wildlife. In many cases, it can also provide an alternative habitat for any wildlife displaced during construction, with the option of integrating bird houses within the structure. Improve air quality A green wall in an urban area can help improve local air quality, both by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and by trapping dust and other pollutants. Deter graffiti In areas where graffiti is a potential problem, green walls can act as an effective deterrent, making the […]

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