We’re LOVING our Green Stalk planter!! It was easy to set up, move, and will be extremely easy to maintain. We can’t wait to start eating salads and gathering herbs from it in a few weeks!

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Green Stalk Vertical Gardening Planter ~ Easy Instant Garden for ANYONE

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  • Ashley Christina

    Hi Amanda! Thank you for showcasing our family product! It was a nice surprise to stumble on your channel and find GreenStalk! I love that Wanda inspired you! If you do decide to be an affiliate, please email me or just say hello! Ashley @ greenstalkgarden.com

    Ashley Skeen
    GreenStalk marketing dir.

  • Liz Luv Gardening

    ive been wanting to purchase this but wanst really sure how large it was. Thanks for sharing.I will be purchasing one today.

  • Deep South Homestead

    I think you will really enjoy it. We could use several more. You're going to want one of those when you get moved.

  • Teresa Alley

    Out of all the videos that I’ve seen on this vertical garden, yours is by far the best! Thank you for sharing this! You made it so simple, now I understand how it works and how to put it together! ♥️

  • HootOwl Holler

    Oh my, I want one! Is this a smaller version of the planters that has a sun shield? (Like Wanda's neighbor has)

  • Nellie Foley

    I’ve been using this tower for three years and I love it! My grandson and I put it together, fill it with dirt and plant every spring. He gets to water and watch everything HE planted grow. It’s really fun!

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