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In the second installment of the Green Sky Growers video series hydroponic and aeroponic techniques are demonstrated. You will see an assortment of crops being grown successfully using three different systems. Related PostsEp 45: Plant One On Me: Rooftop Hydroponic GreenhouseTimelapse : Largest Living Wall in North America (Green over Grey)Hydroponic Farming in North Carolina3 Boys Farm, Award-winning Organic & Hydroponic Vegetable GrowersUrban Tower Garden Farm At The GreenHouseOur Hydroponic Greenhouse – hydroponics system

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  • SANDMAN1996SS 1 year ago

    Is there going to be an update to this video to see how the garden is flourishing?

  • D Suzi Maystrom 1 year ago

    This is a great indoor growing food farm example. A crop tower is this stacked up in a parking garage styled building. It is for Major Metro Cities or Rural areas.ds

  • James Brann 1 year ago

    Can a Vertical Aeroponic growing system by itself support fish life or do you have to combine it with an Aquaponic system?