Green roofs energy savings. Data from Chicago, Tokyo, California, New York, Australia, Toronto, Germany, Reduction of roof temper…

Design Green Roofs for Tropical and Semi-Tropical areas (we are a Florida Green Roof Company) impacted by salt and hurricanes. #Metroverde #Florida #GreenRoo…

Green Roofs – save energy – global warming action, innovation, carbon reduction – energy speaker

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  • ConspiracyTVwithMrX

    Global Warming is a banker funded fraud. It’s made to appeal to guilty,
    weak minds. Go self-flagilate at someone else’s expense.

  • 776281

    Sorry about the don’t let architects design buildings quote. How do you get
    the customer to care, to want a living breathing long lasting building that
    people will want to use and to be around?

  • Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

    Customers are becoming sensitive to wider public opinion. I work with many
    architects, real estate developers and so on and they are changing the kind
    of buildings they are designing, at astonishing speed, responding to global
    warming concerns.

  • Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

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