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SHOTLIST Melbourne – June 10th, 2008 1. Close up pumpkins on roof 2. Wide shot Katherine Wilson on roof top throwing pumpkin down to Geoff Wilson 3. Mid shot Geoff Wilson catching pumpkin 4. SOUNDBITE (English) Katherine Wilson, Green Roofs Australia: “In other countries it’s not new but in Australia it’s pretty new, and we’re trying to promote the whole idea as out of the realms of hippy dens and into industrial rooftops and domestic rooftops.” Sydney – June 16th, 2008 5. Pan across green roof top 6. Close up dog walking 7. Medium shot bird sitting on roof top 8. Wide exterior green roof top Melbourne – June 10th, 2008 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Geoff Wilson, Green Roofs Australia: “Australia has enormous potential for green roofs because we’re coming very close to the problems of climate change. We’ve seen many of the problems which that have been forecast, but the real problems are still ahead of us in 5-10 years, and green roofs can start to make an impact on many factors of climate change, reducing our energy needs, with cooling of buildings, reducing our storm water problems, reducing our urban island heat problems.” 10. Wide interior Geoff Wilson presenting at Green Roofs Conference 11. Close up slide reading “Intensive and extensive” 12. Wide interior people at Conference 13. Close up slide reading “What is a green roof?” Melbourne – July 9th, 2008 14. Medium shot grasses on green roof 15. SOUNDBITE (English) Stuart Tyler, Fytogreen Australia: “Australia is actually one of the driest continents on the planet, which we all know, we’ve heard about many times. Of course selecting plants that will thrive on a roof with 40 degree winds as we get predominantly around Australia is a challenge, you need to select species that can handle that, sedums […]

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