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See Liveroof Lite in action. For more information watch our full length film Simple Green Roof Installation LiveRoof® Lite is the roofer-friendly modular green roof system from Blackdown Green Roofs and is available exclusively through SIG Design and Technology. Find out more on our blog: Watch a demonstration of the installation on this video. The roof can be installed in four easy steps, providing an instant, extensive sedum roof on the day of installation, because it is delivered with 90-95% mature sedum plant cover in self contained fully complete trays including drainage layer, filter layer and planting. Preparation is simple. Once you have confirmed the roof is suitable*, simply sweep off, clean down and lay any necessary separation layer. Step 1: Loose lay the interlocking LiveRoof Lite modules onto the prepared roof surface, placing them neatly together to form a grid. The trays are specially designed with lips on two sides and instructions on the stickers guide you through the installation process. Step 2: When laying each section of the LiveRoof Lite modules, remove the Soil Elevators for a beautiful, seamless instantly mature green roof. Step 3 Backfill the perimeter with a suitable decorative river washed ballast. This completes the installation, giving your roof a finished and polished look. The perimeter also acts as both a vegetation break and fire break around parapets/rooflights and roof penetrations. Step 4 Finally, water thoroughly to settle any loose growing medium and it’s job done! Your LiveRoof Lite extensive sedum green roof is already off to a great start and it’s also very easy to maintain. *NB Always verify that the roof structure has sufficient structural capacity to support the saturated weight of the green roof modules and any additional loading requirements and won’t affect the warrantee of your existing roof — […]

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