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Scott Clarkson from the CSR Innovations team discusses the pros & cons of green walls & green roofs. A well installed & specified green wall or green roof can reduce the heat island effect of cities but the increased load bearing should be considered as well as other factors such as effect on thermal performance. An old song, about a past and broken time. Recorded in my old home with my grand piano and one microphone. Mastered by Jens Broström and edited by Filip Sjörgren Follow ARSADI on: Facebook – Lyrics: I feel small in here, maybe something I’ll get used to. Quite like fallen tears, but never like losing you. Green green walls… Of all these voices that spin inside my mind, and of all our places that you’ve left behind. Oh, what haunts me most, is our old four green walls, where we kissed and danced around in thorns. Yeah all this green shades, reminds me of my mistakes. Thoughts kill me from time to time, I know that you don’t know. That I would still drown in your eyes, though we ended long ago. Green green walls… Chorus Can’t quite imagine, how we could have been. If I didn’t played, my cards the way I did. Maybe our green walls, would still embrace our lives. And you would still be happy in these arms of mine. Chorus Green green walls… Related PostsIdeas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsDevelopment of Different Types of Green Roofs & Green Walls for Improved Urban Biodiversity…Wall and Rooftop Gardens, Living Walls and Green RoofsGreen Revolution Series: Green RoofsGreen Roofs & Green Walls Videos

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