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From simple green roofs to rooftop parklands, non-roof-penetrating fall prevention devices to combi solutions with solar energy and green roofing, to systems for vertical greening. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsGreen Roofs from ZinCo — create new landscapesIrrigation for Green Roofs Create Unexpected Garden SpacesHong Kong Residents Help Create Green RoofsReal Matters | Episode 2: Benefits and Advantages of Green Roofs in PhiladelphiaUpdated video official video on The Great Green Wall Initiative from the Africa Union Com. HDThe Most Green Roofs in the World

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  • Sophia Loren 5 years ago

    #newyorkplantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors have been
    planting turf and other vegetation on rooftops for about 15 years.
    The term greenroof was not common at the time we were instructed by a local
    landscape architect to mound soil on top of a roof and build a deck around
    That installation is about 12 years old and we made a mess out of the
    Firestone roof beneath it! Live and learn!
    IMO it seems that many who attempt the greenroofing installations today are
    in the same position we were about 15 year ago.
    The installations by the less garden savvy or enthusiastic are
    increasing in number as well.
    You don’t have to worry about our commitment to pure garden excitement at
    NY Plantings!
    The same care and efforts and enthusiasm go into our greenroofs as the
    garden obsession that started this small but mighty company about 16 years
    Any memorable artist was indeed obsessed with his or her work. A healthy
    obsession oxymoron and having studied hndreds of garden books, periodicals,
    design renderings, dreaming of how that paper bark maple would look just
    off the deck, outside my bedroom window..reading the caption dozens of
    times in garden reference text book…
    Now, like Harley Davidsons, like the blues, like CBGB and like America…
    Some Brooklynytes with flannels and beards in hipster funk decided to be
    greenroofers….is it less cool now as are the aforementioned because it
    seems everyone is doing it? Someone made it easy…just like fuel injection
    and computer controls eliminated the need or a choke enabling the masses to
    simply start that Harley, put on the biker costume and RIDE!.
    I guess that’s how the cowboys felt or the real bikers.
    So would, of course, the real garden guys (girls).
    CK out this greenroof thing on Zinco website. A good way for the newbie to
    be a NYC greenroof installation expert. No need to have decades of love and
    experience in your own personal garden…now the apartment raised and bred
    can achieve notoriety while helping mamma earth….just apply for that
    grant from NYC and follow the instructions. Don’t forget your list of
    “indigenous species”. oh yes.
    #greenliving #greenroofing #dripirrigationnyc


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  • Daniel Corb 5 years ago

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