Mostafa Razzaghmanesh – lecturer and researcher at UniSA’s, Centre for Water Management and Reuse.

During his PhD studies, Mostafa researched the use of resilient green roofs in dry climates. He is now engaged on a project to develop resilient green walls for Adelaide. This project is funded jointly by SA Water and the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Mostafa’s research interests are in Water Sensitive Urban Design, Low Carbon Cities and Climate Change Adaptation. He is the recipient of several scholarships and awards and has conducted research into many areas of water management relevant to SA including:

Developing resilient green roofs for Adelaide
Impact of green roofs on stormwater quality in an SA urban environment
The growth and survival of plants on urban green roofs in a dry climate
The role of green roofs in mitigating urban heat island effects in Adelaide
Integrated urban water management systems: A case study of green roofs
Introducing green infrastructure into the built environment of Adelaide.
Our last presentation about green walls-roofs was years ago and attracted a large audience. There have been many requests for another ever since. So come along and hear what’s happening from someone with such local interest and experience in this fascinating area.

Green Roofs and Walls – August 2014

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