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Green Roofs



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  • Juan Jose Soriano Escobar 5 years ago

    disadventages: the higher initial cost of the structure, the additional
    structural support that the building needs adventages:reduces stormwater
    run-off and lowers cooling costs

  • Juan Jose Soriano Escobar 5 years ago

    A green roof is a roof that is covered in plants. which reduces stormwater
    run-off and lowers cooling costs.

  • Nicolas Mejia Campos 5 years ago

    What is a Green roof? It a roof covered with vegetative organisms How many
    types of green roof exists? Which? Exist three types, intensive,
    semi-intensive and extensive green roofs Mentions some advantages offered
    by green roofs Energy conservation, rain water control, act as a sun
    barrier, protect biodiversity in urban areas Mentions some disadvantages
    offered by green roofs The cost of installation

  • Jefferson Velez Escobar 5 years ago

    What is a Green roof? it

  • Alexandra Mazo 5 years ago

    Very interesting this topic 🙂 Green roof is a roof partially o completely
    covered with vegetation. There are 3 Green roof types: semi intensive,
    intensive or extensive. Advantages: -energy consercation – plants block the
    high frecuency sun Desadvantages: -high structural requirements, specially
    for intensive roof.

  • Tatiana Puerta 5 years ago

    Green roof is a structure with technology, that its implementation is
    expensive, there are several types of green roof intensive, semi intensive
    and extensive. is a structure covered the plants that serve as a option for
    the improve the impact caused by the building construction

  • Juan Jose Soriano Escobar 5 years ago

    there are 3 types, Intensive, semi-intensive and extensive

  • Camilo montoya zapata 5 years ago

    I think the city of Medellin is warming too, in some newspapers shall say
    Medellin will have Cartagena