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Green Roofs


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  • Juan Pablo Arévalo 1 year ago

    name of teme please? thank you!!

  • TV 2 FILM 1 year ago

    Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Green Roof 

  • Loquitoporti bla 1 year ago

    @NaturalHunger very very true especially edible succulent plants with are extremely hardy, need next to no water and a ridiculous minimum amount of soil to grow. 

  • decibel333 1 year ago

    @baubosophia PVC is maybe not the ideal material (toxic byproducts, fossil fuels etc) … there are better alternatives (PET, Polypropylene Carbonate from CO2 -> see Novomer) but otherwise totally agree

  • Butwhy Doesitmatter 1 year ago

    @silverpizza100 What?! Global co2 levels are 35% higher than they were in the 60s. We can thank the use of fossil fuels (the kind used in our cars, manufacturing plants, and heating) for that. Coral reefs are acidified (the mass volumes are dying or dead due to the chemistry changes). Biodiversity is becoming a sparsely woven web with many different creatures on our planet that are dead or dying. It is important that we inform ourselves with hard facts supplied by the biological community.

  • Samantha McVay 1 year ago

    Use edible plants instead of grass, please.

  • Alejandro Tazzer 1 year ago

    Si buscas un sistema de azoteas verdes en Mexico busca econstruccion en google

  • Fritz Rud 1 year ago

    A green roof has one Achilles heel and that's the waterproof membrane. The most reliable long term solution is to monitor it. detecsystems dotcom