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In this video I am constructing a tool shed. This was a comission piece for a customer. The design was intended to make it blend in tot he fence. Narration: Hi Everyone welcome back! In this video I am making a Tool shed. This is for a customer. I remodelled the garden and did a few things as the fence, paving and made a corner sofa. The whole idea behind the shed was to make it blend in the fence. Making it not stand out too much. The customer really liked to have a green roof with succulent plants. This made the garden more rainwater friendly because it was paved fort he majority. The overall floor size of the structure is 2 meters by 1 meter. 7 foot by 3 foot approximately. And it took a 2,5 days to construct it and do the finishing touches. To make the shed blend in I used the same wood as the fence boards. This is pressure treated spruce. This is a common material here but not regarded as nicely looking. But the fence running in line across the 3 sides does make it look nice in my opinion. So far I am setting up 4 posts for the shed. When the post are in position and level and plumb the roof structure will be put on. three of the post were attached to the fence. One in the back was partly a post because it is attached with muliple screws to another post. The one post which stands on the surface is standing on a small brick with a plastic barrier on it. This prevents ingress from water. Standing up this single post was a bit awkward but with multiple boards supporting it in the process, this was made easy. I […]


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  • Connor Fraser 7 months ago

    Was it yourself that done the fence around the back garden area.

  • Rob NAustin 7 months ago

    I've never seen or heard of anyone making any building "ventilated" using your words. I would have built walls tight and added a roof vent if needed.

  • Arnold Koster 7 months ago

    Ziet er goed uit. Wat waren de kosten per m2 voor het grasdak?

  • Danut Plesu 7 months ago

    Great project! Thanks for sharing.