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For over 15 years I have participated many Green Roof Symposia in North America, where brought together experts from industry, policy, and research to increase public awareness and businesses’ understanding of how green roof technology can be utilized to help solve environmental problems such as air pollution, storm water runoff, biodiversity loss, and the heat island effect in urban areas. Sometimes I wonder why most of these experts have not looked to Europe where modern green roof technology started much earlier, where technology is not pumped up with complicated green roof systems, where the focus is on the plant and not on expensive roofing warranties, and finally where people are not looking for quick cash( back). The North American hesitation and reinvention of proven green roof solutions resulted in a restrained growth of the green roof industry accompanied by high costs while other continents like Asia, South America and Europe grow faster and more sustainable. Comparing to North America, other countries have better Green Roof performance and they write less on the Web. I see more and more English spoken websites presenting increasingly projects from overseas… The overseas projects in the movie are a little fraction of projects in an area of 70 miles around Stuttgart Germany. The last project is one out of five Green Roof Technology’s projects that are travelling around the world for more than 10 years. The other projects are typically older than 15-20 years. Little promotion: Baltimore, MD USA: Jörg Breuning is a green roof expert, adviser and green roof collaborator/entrepreneur and designer, who has actively promoted modern green roof technology in the US 1999. He has designed, built, maintained, or advised an uncountable number of seminal roofs since 1980 (37 years). Jörg helped many North American key players to promote green roofs and still […]

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