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Introduction to green roof systems and their benefits. Video Rating: / 5 More than just a rooftop garden, green roofs improve our surroundings in a variety of ways. In this episode, Miles O’Brien speaks to Columbia University researchers about the benefits of building a better green roof. Related PostsOptigrGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Shipping container house – Green roofPrairie Green RoofXeroflor Green Roof Systems: Proven, Simple, InnovativeGreen Roof Systems, this building shows the full range!


Green Roofs


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  • oromul1s 1 year ago

    dosent the roof break down faster than a regular roof? and wouldent it be better to add solar panels to roofs? lower temperatures are ok, but isint energy production better than saving energy? and even if they slow down run off does that equal less runoff? over time? and does that runoff that didnt run off in time begin to rot the roof? im not being negative, it just seems like 2 steps to the left when 1 step to the right would be even better. ( in my opinion)

  • DursosZeroPred 1 year ago

    long island city? you mean new york city?

  • FarmerBenny 1 year ago

    where are the vegetables?

  • John Kelly 1 year ago

    Green roofs provide habitats for plant insects and Elephants????? What???1:30

  • Jackie Goodell 1 year ago

    Green living. all new strip malls, fast food, public buildings, buildings like Wal-Mart, and convenience store. New law's should be passed for green roofs. Energy saving and people would never know that they are their. Benefits Take Co. 2 out of the air and 26% savings on energy heating and cooling. Should have some skylights.

  • Gj Abaigar 1 year ago

    tnx 4 d vid present. that is so very cool. i rather like the roofs with robust like designs with tall grass or some shrubs or tall trees rather than some small patches of green. it is more cool so that the establishment can really blend with the environment. not only with the roofs also with the walls i.e. vertical gardens.

  • kempouk 1 year ago

    i am a roofer in the UK, we have a lot of water in the UK, and a lot of Green roofs.
    now my problem is that if there is a problem with the roof ie some dumb air condition firm has drilled a hole in the roof or there is any damage from structural movement or for what ever reason,
    it costs a absolute fortune to remove one of these roofs, and the amount of trucks used to remove the old roofs kills of the advantage of having a green roof.
    so if they go wrong don't expect a $100 dollar repair.

  • DopeyPav 1 year ago

    hey there,
    I noticed you used a great exploded diagram of the layers and materials used in green roof construction, could you please let me know where you found it, could really use it for my college project!

  • MeatSim9 1 year ago

    wow, first comment. better choose my words carefully…

    for a slideshow, it was pretty good.