Honey Bees Maximize Environmental Benefits of Green Roof on Baltimore Warehouse.

Baltimore, Maryland 2010 — On November 10th, in a dense warehouse neighborhood of Baltimore, honey bees will find soon a new home on a green roof, also known as a vegetated roof.
While green roofs reduce the Heat Island Effect, absorb most of the rain water and effectively reduce the amount of contaminants that reach the Chesapeake Bay, they can also help foster honey bees. Honey bees are the most efficient pollinators on earth and generate a multi-billion value for farmers and nurseries every year. Most of our food depends in one way or another on pollinators like honey bees. Honey bees are also known as bio indicators for air quality and are even utilized by the United States defense program to find explosive.
German native and US resident, Jorg Breuning explains the combination of modern green roof technology with honey bees as a 100% natural and successful symbiosis. “Sustainable growth of plants in an urban environment and on green roofs requires as natural players,” said Mr. Breuning. Mr. Breuning has worked for over 30 years in master gardening, designing and installation of green roofs. He brought the technology over from Germany more than 10 years ago and he is recognized as the pioneer of green roof technology in the US.
Diane Odell GRP, of ADI Architecture and Green Roof Service’s certified Green Roof Professional/landscape designer Kathryn Harrold sourced locally grown plants that are suited to the harsh environment of a green roof, yet also offer a rich source of food for the honey bee menu. As the project was first presented, Diane Odell said, “The bees certainly will like the protected location and will produce some honey. It might be just a recreational occupation for a few bee keepers but with more green roofs we might also see an increase of urban bee keepers,” she continued.
Lee Jaslow owner of Conservation technology and the warehouse is proud of doing what he preaches over years. He stated that this is the first green roof with honey bees in Maryland and one of the first of its kind in the country. Conservation Technology provided all technical components of the green roof and will be in charge of maintenance ensuring its future success.
Construction for this historical moment for Baltimore’s ecology will take place on Tuesday November 9th and is open to the public. Demonstrations on green roof technology will be provided during the bee meadow installation. Please visit the company website for installation time and directions.
Please visit the website: www.evolutionroof.com for project info or visit the company’s websites: www.greenroofservice.com
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Our Director of Sustainable Services, Holly Hawkins, walked up to our green roof to explain the benefits of green roofs in her latest video.

The Tri-North Green Minute videos introduce viewers to a number of exciting new green building technologies that we have implemented at our corporate headquarters and for many of our clients.

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