The stark, gray rooftop of the Langford Architecture Building on the campus of Texas A&M University will become green in the months and years to come as students and professors from three academic disciplines come together to create a “green roof”.
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Modern Japanese townhouse built on tiny spot in the middle of the city. 5 meters width and 18 meters long flanked by buildings on east and west side. So, how the inside of this modern Japanese townhouse get its natural light and winds? A creative home architecture achieved. Inner garden with atrium and unique roof sections form concept become solution to get light and winds for better and comfortable living space in the middle of busy city. This modern Japanese townhouse has two-storey floors. Inner garden located in central of ground floor, which also become atrium and attached with staircase to upstairs. The unique roof sections shaped like a podium give interesting illumination. Another interesting part of this narrow site house is the floating structure at the front of house. The floating structure become roof of terrace at the ground floor, and become outdoor courtyard terrace for upstairs. Detailed steel structure of this modern Japanese townhouse exposed in certain area, such as outdoor courtyard terrace that also become roof of front terrace.

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Green Roof Project Brings Earth To Sky At Texas A&M University

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