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Green Roof Outfitters® modules are a versatile modular green roofing system combining design flexibility with cost effective installation. Their modules are designed for simple installation, and unlike built-in-place and hybrid-only systems, allow for ease of access for roof maintenance and repair using the standard planting method. Modules can be planted on site with pre-vegetated mats or pre-planted and grown out to 95% plant coverage for a mature green roof at installation. Clients are provided with the option to purchase modules empty or filled with growth media only. For more detailed information about Green Roof Outfitters (, please visit their company profile ( in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology – Company of the WeekGreen Roof Solutions – Company of the Week 1/16/15Emory Knoll Farms / Green Roof Plants – Company of the Week for 9/25/15Green Roof Blocks – Company of the Week 8/1/14Shipping container house – Green roofOptigr

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