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Green Roof Modern Bungalow Home/ Area: 50 sqm/ Casa house. Design with living area bedroom kitchen mini bar closet room and toilet. Hello everybody. Let’s see my uploaded videos I have a lot of house buildings style to show everyone so that you will get knowledge and more options to create your dream house. Yeah!!! Welcome to my channel thank you very much to watches my videos. Please click like comments subscribe and notification. Sharing and connecting to you here: =======++++++++========= . Luxury Casa House Facades . Modern Boxy House Facades . Luxury Modern House Facades . Modern Boxy House Facades View . Luxury Boxy House Facades View . Modern Connecting House/ Pirajá House/ 72 House A renovated house/ A White House ====++==== Contact info: .FacebooK: .Tweeter: .Pinterest: .Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roof Log House, Traditional Scandinavian HomeModern Low House With Zen Garden And Green Roof [DESIGN HD]Part 1: Roof Tile Span and Spanish Colonial Gutter – Brown Bubong | Bungalow House PhilippinesDIY Living Roof Dog House – Home & FamilyTour a Self-Sufficient Nova Scotia Home with a Green RoofGrowing A Green Roof On Our Industrial Home!

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  • Cam Archi 4 weeks ago

    Very nice work

  • SOVAN DET OFFICIAL 4 weeks ago

    Hello bong

  • VGSK Medias Computer Center 4 weeks ago

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  • Mey Mey Make Up 4 weeks ago

    Good video

  • RiverSide Tribute 4 weeks ago

    I love it !!!
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