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Roxul mineral wool batts for an R95 Roof, to see how the Green Roof was designed on the Ecohome’s Edelweiss House that Canada Green Building Council President Thomas Mueller calls “A phenomenal achievement” – please see or to “Read all about it” please visit Green roofs are technically complex building systems, requiring collaboration between architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects and specialty consultants to work out the best methods for insulating a green roof. A successful living roof is a combination of engineering, architecture and ecology. A successful green or living roof also thrives with life – plants bloom, insects buzz, birds chirp, and visitors are astounded to find a living oasis on a roof. Success requires technical excellence across disciplines, but most importantly, it requires a designer with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of plant communities. While the selection of plants will vary by region, there are many common factors essential to the design, construction and maintenance of a vibrant living roof. #GreenRoof #Insulation #LEED #USA #Canada #GreenBuilding #LivingRoof Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofXero Flor Canada Sherway Green Roof InstallationSelf build round wooden house. Wool insulation, grass roof, rainwater harvesting.Simple Saver System® New Roof Installation: Metal Building Insulationvideo on advanced Heat Insulation cum roof waterProofing installation techniques /systems in IndiaGrowing A Vegetable Garden In Ontario, Canada 2014

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  • David Burke 3 weeks ago

    watching that roxul batt go in the roof framing was tough. why not dense pack so that insulation fills the voids in the truss?

  • Juliya Sakal 3 weeks ago

    its not good material , really really bad shit , get rotten easy black !