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Students in the Green Roof Ecology class, offered jointly by Eugene Lang College ( and the Environmental Studies program at Schools of Public Engagement (, presented the results of a semester-long collaborative process. Projects included a soil stormwater absorption experiment, two different green wall design proposals, a guide to common plants on NYC green roofs, a new website for ‘Green Roofs NYC,’ and the design and climate data analysis of micro sensors installed on green roofs at Brooklyn Grange and The New School. THE NEW SCHOOL | Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsecology environmental issuesGreen Roof Grows Environmental BenefitsPrairie Green RoofOptigrGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Shipping container house – Green roof

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  • BLAIR M Schirmer 3 months ago

    Do you offer a course on green tall buildings, aka ecoskyscrapers? Many are vertical towns and even small cities. Surely we can do better than mirrored or reflective fenestration on all cardinal points?

  • Mr Peek's Poetry Funtime 3 months ago

    Great idea!