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Green roof detention and retention research in the green roof laboratory of Green Roof Diagnostics in Culpeper, Virginia. Interview with Dr. Anna Zakrisson, biologist and green roof expert. Full version. Short version: Dr. Anna Zakrisson, biologist and researcher talks with Purple-Roof and Folkert Tempelman from Studio Piso7 about the latest advancements in green infrastructure stormwater management. Zakrisson is part of a team of green roof researchers and engineers working on making green roofs more climate-adapted and resilient. However, their main task so far has been to test and develop vegetated roofs that also act as stormwater tools with detention. Detention green roofs can reduce or replace grey infrastructure stormwater management solutions such as tanks and cisterns. _____ Read more about green infrastructure stormwater management here: Manage Stormwater with Green Infrastructure Green & Grey Stormwater Management Options – what stormwater management options are there? Green Roofs as Nature-Based Solutions – Interview with Dr. Helen Toxopeus: _____ Green Roof Diagnostics HOME: Feel free to embed these videos on your website. They are for educational purposes. Related PostsKnauf Werktage – Urbanscape Green Roof System short interviewOptigrGreen roof research at Michigan State UniversityInterview with Green Roof Expert: Andy CreathPrairie Green RoofShipping container house – Green roof

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  • Neil Davis 1 month ago

    Fascinating stuff! I've noticed where I live a lot more very brief intense storms causing surface flooding; would green roofs help with that type of flooding?

  • Callum Gowar 1 month ago

    An excellent interview! Thank you for your valuable insight Anna!

  • Greg Jetnikoff 1 month ago

    Great area of work. Green roof tech. Lucky ( OK and a LOT of work) . Something I have had an interest in for a very long time.

    Good interview.
    Note: Really nice to see something that ISN'T coronavirus at the moment…