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video not sponsored! This underground parking garage extends under these two new buildings and connects them to each other. On top of the underground garage, an inner courtyard will later be built between the buildings. We start on the back side, where we have to take down the bored pile wall. In order for this to be possible, the slope must first be braced with precast concrete retaining panels. There is already a video on my channel about this. This slope can only be reached via the roof of the underground garage. The roofer has already glued on the first three sheets of waterproofing, so that we can start with the angular retaining panels. Here is our material for the new retaining wall. We protect the waterproofing with protection mats and then start to mortar, apply and compact the filling material. The first row of angular panels can then be placed on top of it. The pieces are set with an excavator and here and there the excavator driver has to use his special skills to set them right. Behind the wall there is a drainage package consisting of a drain pipe, gravel and fleece fabric around it. Then it can be backfilled and compacted. Then a secondary retaining wall is added, because the slope is relatively steep. Between the two walls, greenery will be planted later. While the roofers work hard to seal the entire underground parking garage with root resistant waterproofing membrane, we can start dismantling the bored pile wall. This was delayed due to the bad weather. But without a roof membrane, no green roof. And with the roofing finally finished, we can start with the layering construction of the green roof. First of all, a white protective fleece fabric is applied to the cleaned membrane. This […]

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  • Esther Gerlitz 1 month ago

    I really enjoy the voice-over. You explain the process well and it is a good audio. It sounds professional.

  • Manny singh 1 month ago

    U always talk about how we should do our part to save the environment. Amount of resources that took to build that little green lawn was insane. So much plastic

  • The Nishikigoi Investigator 1 month ago

    Hi, Carl! Exelent video! I apreciate so much your work! Some more videos with koi ponds and your kois, please!

  • Dan Mooney 1 month ago

    Can the roots penetrate the glass foam layer?