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Green Roof Blocks’ green roof systems are bringing simple solutions to green building. Their flagship product, Green Roof Blocks, is a completely self-contained module fabricated of high grade anodized aluminum. Each block has convenient handles, making roof garden installation a snap. Simply arrange the green roof modules on the rooftop – it’s just that easy. It all starts with their aluminum module. Sturdy construction and anodizing ensures a service life exceeding 100 years. Green Wall Blocks take the hassle out of building retaining walls. Made of UV resistant plastic, these nine inch tall retaining wall blocks are lightweight so you can take them home in the trunk of your car, easily carry them wherever you like, and build your wall in a fraction of the time. The Green Paks green roof system brings simplicity to green building for less money than other gardenscapes products. Each Green Pak is a completely self-contained module made of a long-lasting, unique knitted high density polyethylene. Each Green Pak comes pre-filled to a four inch depth with proprietary engineered soil. Convenient handles make roof garden installation quick and easy! To facilitate drainage of excess water and to protect the roofing material from damage from plant roots, a composite drainage layer / root barrier is rolled out over the entire roof area. Transforming drab unused roof space into spectacular and eco friendly fifth facades for over ten years, Green Roof Block continues its mission to simplify and reduce the cost of the green roof concept making green roofs the norm rather than the exception. For more information about Green Roof Blocks simply contact them by phone or email and they will help you with your particular needs. Visit them on the web at for more product information, price calculator, and comparison chart. For more detailed […]

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  • Chris Green 10 months ago

    Aluminium pans on your green roof? I'd think these could act like heat sinks/ thermal bridges, and draw heat out of a building in a cold weather period. Has anyone modeled the thermal flow in these? 

  • 10 months ago

    Video for the Greenroof & Greenwall Directory Company of the Week 8/1/14 | Green Roof Blocks