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This project uses state of the art technology for a light weight green roof. The project had limitations on saturated weights. Correct waterproofing ensures zero leakage for the life of the building. Superb water holding capacity is provided by Knauf Green Roll growing media. Green Look custom soil mix allows a minimum depth of materials to sustain a biodiverse rooftop. Habitat is provided as are beautiful plants. It has been a pleasure working for a client (Roger Sternhell) who has the vision for what green infrastructure provides society. For assistance with your green roof call Robert on +61 468 787 071 or Related PostsLightweight meadow green roof installation LondonOptigrBeyond Extensive and Intensive: Defining the Comprehensive Green Roof by Molly MeyerUTA’s Extensive Green RoofBuilding a Green Roof Part 4: Planting an Extensive Green RoofPrairie Green Roof

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