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Van Jones from the White House Council of Environmental Quality visits a local work site that gives us a glimpse of the clean energy economy that’s on the way. Green roofing is just one of the countless green job opportunities that will emerge from President Obama’s comprehensive energy policy. (public domain) It’s been a year since concluded our third Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit: Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture, and as promised, we are now releasing the 23 videos from our 30+ international speakers to the general public. Portland, OR, USA. As the Manager of Tremco’s North American Green Roof Program, Elizabeth Hart promotes environmental and economic sustainability through green roofs and living walls. She works closely with architects, contractors, and building owners on the design, installation, and maintenance of over 100 green roofs. Elizabeth received a B.S. in Sustainable Development and Botany from Appalachian State University, focusing on phytoremediation of polluted sites. Her years of working in a medical clinic led to her inspiration for changing the “nature” of healthcare facilities. She is a founding and active member of the Green Roof info Think-tank (GRiT), a network of over 400 businesses, government agencies, researchers, and community members committed to growing the collective knowledge base for on-structure vegetation. She loves nothing more than sharing her passion for green roofing through speaking, teaching, and ultimately making more green roofs happen. Related PostsA Higher Purpose – Benefits to Human Health and Education Through Green RoofingA Higher Purpose – Benefits to Human Health and Education through Green RoofingBest Green Roofs Toronto Green Roofs (905) 272-8701Green Roofing SystemsGodwin Green Roofing Gainesville FLTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Green Roofing – 817 381 6855 –


Green Roofs


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  • SPACEMONKEY288 1 year ago

    nice 🙂 sense its more beneficial than a normal roof idk why people arent doing this all over.

  • ColumbiaSC100 1 year ago

    Interesting video. I'm all for going green, but what happened to the millions of green jobs Obama was going to create?

  • DKBræ 1 year ago

    I really like this video, and speciel the green roof for good environment.

  • Cleveland Roofers 1 year ago

    Very informative video we are already in the process of developing a green initiative for our roofing business. We have had various customers interested in a more green roofing process this is definitely some information we will seriously start implementing. Thanks

  • DelawareContractors 1 year ago

    I have really loved experiencing your current video recording on the subject of The roof. I not long ago began in roof covering plus noticed your company's remarks to be exceptionally practical. I look forward to experiencing more of your company's video footages. Can I question how long you actually have actually been in this specific industry?

  • Catonian1 1 year ago

    @DaPharaoh06 I'm not writing off "green collar" jobs, mainly because there never will be any. Can't write off what doesn't exist in the first place. But if you feel that strongly abt. green companies, but your money where your mouth is and invest your savings into those publicly-traded green company stocks. The whole "green" energy industry cannot and will never be self-sustaining, and thus to even have such a thing is essentially to create yet another gov't. handout in perpetuity.

  • BOB F 1 year ago


  • hookalakah 1 year ago

    "SolFocus assembles its solar panels in China, and the new San Jose headquarters employs just 90 people.
    In the Bay Area as in much of the country, the green economy is not proving to be the job-creation engine that many politicians envisioned. President Obama once pledged to create five million green jobs over 10 years. Gov. Jerry Brown promised 500,000 clean-technology jobs statewide by the end of the decade. But the results so far suggest such numbers are a pipe dream." –New York Times

  • macgeek2004 1 year ago


    ROFL!!!! Wow, yet another moron who denies science. Man, I bet next you're gonna say "NASA SATELITTES DISCOVER THE WORLD IS REALLY FLAT," or "NASA'S HUBBLE TELESCOPE DISCOVERS EARTH AT CENTER OF UNIVERSE!"

    ROFLOL! You ignorant moron! LOL!

    BTW, don't feel too special: I give Creationists the same treatment. Lol.

  • quadcatfly 1 year ago

    LOL. what a scam… LEGAISE WEED NOW !!!

  • William Ellerbe 1 year ago

    I appreciate the fact that SOMETHING "Green" is taking place in the Washington DC area, and I am to learn more about how I can get involved.

  • harleybayo 1 year ago

    Lets be sure if this guy was incharge of SAND, their would be a sortage of SAND.

  • rolingpingu 1 year ago

    @Joesexy424 I agree with that, if sadly ppl don't want it, then it will then simply not happen. Though, I don't think they're "pushing it" in this case. This is a program to encourage ppl to do it, ppl will then judge.

  • Joe Degu 1 year ago

    @rolingpingu but do people want it? that's the problem here. regardless of the impending oil disaster, if people don't want to adopt green qualities into their lives, then government has no right to push it.

  • rolingpingu 1 year ago

    @Joesexy424 Green policies are not necesarly (spelling) socialist or forced, but will soon be needed. The thing is that the passage from oil to green will need to be progressive/gradual, so the economy wouldn't be "that" affected, bcuz anyways, we're gonna run outta oil pretty soon. And if we've done anything till that moment, we'll be screwed. I don't care if it's the public or private sector who will make it profitable, what matters is that it has to be developped, all ppl need it.

  • Joe Degu 1 year ago

    no assurance that urban communities will maintain the roofs; need protection from vandals, and need gov't employees to protect and maintain the roofs; also need law enforcement to better oppress the already oppressed people there, and, of course, the untold fucking costs…damn lefties

  • Joe Degu 1 year ago

    @rolingpingu one thing i really find peculiar with your argument is that you keep talking about the jobs that are going to be created by forcing the socialists' green policy, but turn a blind eye to the untold amount of jobs that will be lost tied to oil; oil extraction, oil processing, distribution, gas stations, companies that use oil to manufacture products (pretty much all of them), and how that will affect our economy; if the people want green, let the private sector make it profitable

  • Joe Degu 1 year ago

    @rolingpingu the problem with a serving government is that it is impossible to give them authority to serve correctly without expecting that, sooner or later, they will abuse it and stray. it's what happened to the romans, but since we have better checks and balances, it would be a lot more difficult for us to collapse as they did, but regardless, it is still a possibility if we allow the Fed to progress to far with left wing goals

  • rolingpingu 1 year ago

    @hawkermustang Ok then, he's a socialist, u seem to have the proof. But…so what? He's not doing anything wrong there. Also, keep in mind that socialism and progressism are diferent, one can be both or one of them, or none of them. And indeed, a bigger govt make problems, but bigger and serving is not the same. A serving govt (gets paid taxes, works for da ppl), isn't bad at all.

  • rolingpingu 1 year ago

    @RightWingTV Maybe the "private venture capitalists" (as u like to say) don't want to get in that, bcuz green technologies are more expensive than normal ones. Plus, green technology and jobs are for a longterm profit, in this actual moment, other ways make a lot more money…but then oil will be over and pollution will get more serious than ever…then green tech will become instant profit