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An industry eco-body has launched initiatives to help its members make more efficiency savings. Green Grid says it’s releasing two online tool kits; one is a power energy estimator (PEE) and the second is a power usage effectiveness (PUE) calculator. The group says the PEE looks at power inputs like workload, availability and space constraints to give datacentres a better understanding of the power they’re using. And the PUE calculator allows datacentres to examine efficiency by dividing the amount of power entering a datacentre by the power actually used. Green Grid board member Kathrin Winkler says the GreenGrid hopes the new launches will help datacentres better manage their power usage to reduce their carbon footprint. A quick animation using a 3D model and ScopeWorks Hexagon grid – creating a green grid animation Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Green Grid Forum 2013: eBay Digital Service EfficiencyThe Green Grid DCMM Tutorial PreviewRoel Castelein Discussing Why He Participates in The Green GridChris Roddick of Bauder talks about green roof and solar energy efficiencyGreen Roofs: Saving the Planet One Building at a Time part 1The Green Grid Forum 2012: Sparks Fly! The Real Story About HVDC and Data Centers

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