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Scientists and businesses see many environmental and economic benefits in growing microscopic algae for use in food, cosmetics and plastics. euronews knowledge brings you a fresh mix of the world’s most interesting know-hows, directly from space and sci-tech experts. Subscribe for your dose of space and sci-tech: Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe. Video Rating: / 5 How to recondition your cordless tool battery yourself. Related PostsGreen Revolution Series: Green RoofsUrban Food Gardening on the Gold Coast Queensland8,000 Gallon “OFF GRID” Aqua Culture System, With A Green House Watered By A “Water Ram Pump”Honey bees on roof of Brown Palace provide ‘liquid gold’Kiiara – Gold (Official Video)“Green Roofs” Can Save Water and Energy


Green Roofs


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  • Abdelgelil Oumar 9 months ago
  • Abdelgelil Oumar 9 months ago

    بحث عن عكس فيديو

  • yutuniopati 9 months ago

    What about fuel made from microalgae ?

  • just1smothie 9 months ago

    No sound after the 30 second mark

  • Nick C 9 months ago

    Good video. I have seen other videos doing the same. I tried using 12V car battery or 12V car battery charger. None of them worked. I guess I side the battery has cristalized, not a paste anymore?

  • Abdullah Dean 9 months ago

    Free Stunning presentation sharing secret methods to recondition old batteries. As you probably already know, BATTERIES ARE NOT CHEAP. Which is probably the reason why you are reading this page. By reconditioning old batteries you can save hundreds. If you need the batteries for a solar energy system where you will need a large battery bank you can literally save thousands. Plus… reconditioning old batteries is a great way to help the environment.

  • xkoala137 9 months ago

    I found so much information, details, and step by step instructions on this site.
    Better for the environment, better for your budget, you can't go wrong.
    I'm all for trying things at home and hoping I do it right, but I figured with batteries I should probably do some research first!

  • Power tool battery FHY 9 months ago

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  • Dick Tracy 9 months ago

    Great Video Paul..! Thankyou.. You have saved Me alot of Money,, I was going to toss my Dewalt 18v Cordless Drill Battery's (Very Expensive for 2 New ones) until I stumbled onto this..It Worked Like a Charm but I used a 6v Battery Charger for my Riding Lawn Mover..Thanks again & Keep up the Great Videos..!!

  • John Lysic 9 months ago

    Hey, this is going to save me some serious $$ – thank you very much

  • KyHighlander59 9 months ago

    In the last part of your video you spoke of open circuits due to bad individual smaller batteries in the pack. Instead of wasting money by recycling the entire pack, buy new cells and replace those in the pack.

  • mizanur rahman 9 months ago

    hi guys, the best results that i've had was by using the Magic Mender Wizard (just google it) definately the best course that I've followed.

  • tracy law 9 months ago

    if i have 2 good batteries, why am i looking for a repacement? how do i charge it without 2 spare batteries?

  • birdchaser2010 9 months ago

    this does not work fake

  • Jorge Cortez 9 months ago

    noon so how do you fix lithion batterys

  • Raymond Soong 9 months ago

    I used 2 car batteries to zap 18v dewalt nicads. They're working fine now, although not 100%.

  • irish89055 9 months ago

    Rigid batteries are like $65 each.. I'll never buy one of their products again.. Beware

  • irish89055 9 months ago

    Great… why not have a side business fixing these.. I'm pissed at Rigid for both of my 187v won't charge with little use over seven years…. My others for my drills still work and are older… Good video but not sure I will do this..

  • J Doma 9 months ago

    Worked like a charm. Thanks. Saved at least $40. Cheers mate.

  • Mel Arroyo 9 months ago

    My question was : How long will the rejuvenated batteries last. The old nicads lasted about 5 years.

  • Hi Paul,
    You are a star. I have just used it on a 18v Snap on pack worked a treat many thanks.

  • Robert Munro 9 months ago

    can you revive nmhb batteries

  • Richard Stifle 9 months ago

    I used to do something very similar on tool batteries when I worked at Batteries+Bulbs. I used a universal AC to DC converter. It was a selectable voltage between 3 to 12 volts at 1.5 Ah. Eventually we upgraded (thanks to my dads work at HP many years ago) to a large variable power supply that could put out anything between 1 to 24 volts and between 100 mah to 10 Ah. We would use alligator and hook them on a dead battery that was under producing power (less then one volt per cell, so a 12 volt battery like this fella has here would put out under 10 volts) and charge them slowly back up to operating voltage. For a 12 volt battery we'd charge at 14.1 volts (a fully charged cell is 1.4 volts so a fully charged 12 volt battery puts out 14 volts). Then we'd hook them up to a machine called the Cadex which reconditions the battery (gets rid of memory) and then told us the capacity of the battery.