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Green roofs offer ample energy savings, as the extra layer of soil and plant material absorbs moisture to prevent roof damage, keeps the building cooler and adds moisture to the air for a healthier… Video Rating: 5 / 5 This video was created for the Green Catalyst club at John F. Kennedy High School. It explains the importance of green roofs and how it can benefit the environment as well as our own financial… Related PostsGreen Revolution Series: Green Roofs“Green Roofs” Can Save Water and EnergyGreen Roofs – save energy – global warming action, innovation, carbon reduction – energy speakerHow Green Roofing Materials Save Money and EnergyVersatile Living Walls & Roofs: International Applications for Agriculture, Energy Conservation…Roof Savings Calculator


Green Roofs


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  • Scene Wan 2 years ago

    Losing some green from being red hot? Then stop being green with envy and
    check out green roofs!?